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Avenger 57mm is a vehicle part in Crossout.


"Ballistic, lead, huge damage. Has limited firing angle." - Ingame description.
The Avenger 57mm is a early game weapon that opens the door to the raw power of cannons. Avengers are quite large compared to other weapons, often prompting one to create a build around the weapon instead of adding it to a current build. As you rank up and obtain better weapons, you'll use the Avenger less often. The Avenger is outclassed in all catagories, except in ammo, by the Judge 76mm.


The Avenger is best used from the back lines, wait for your teammates to start firing then look for an opportunity to line up a shot, if you are flanked often by enemies, consider adding a LM-54 Chord or a Lupara to fend them off while you ask for assistance from your team.


The Avenger 57mm can be obtained by:

  • Buying it off the Market
  • Crafting it with 50 Scrap at the Engineers Workbench
  • Obtaining it as a reward for winning in the Get the Cannon! Mission


Can be built from the Engineers workbench.

Required resources
Icon scrap.png
50 scrap
15 sec

Fusion Perks[]

White rarity weapons can't be fused.