Crossout Wiki

This is a special chain of missions that is accessible from Adventure game mode and that will tell you about some of the secrets of Crossout and about the world in which the game takes place.

  • Each Survivor can complete the whole storyline from beginning to end only once.
  • Yet even after completing the storyline, the player can still join the mode in two ways:
    • A random single harder version of any previous mission is available to every player once a day with a requirement of lvl 10, PS 2400.
    • As part of a group to help their friends complete the story missions. The reward for repeatedly completing the plot missions this way will be reduced.
  • Missions are marked on the map in orange. When approaching the starting point of the mission, you will see red smoke from a flare.
  • For completing the “Awakening” story missions, the player gains experience for the Co-driver, reputation (both with the Engineers faction and with the second selected faction), a new resource Engraved casings, Scrap Metal and Copper.
  • The mission can be cancelled or restarted from the beginning at any time. To do this, open the location map and select “Cancel mission” or “Restart”. The mission also restarts automatically if the player's vehicle is destroyed, or if the mission is failed. When the mission restarts - this will fully repair your vehicle.

Below is the full list of missions with individual objectives.

Unknown signal[]

Left without memories and livelihood, you arrived in Blood Rocks.

Requires: lvl 3

  • Follow the radio's guidance and find help.
  • Repel the bandit attack.
  • Head out together with Munch.
  • Help your savior collect "presents": 0 / 3
  • Follow Munch into the Bladespines lair.

The challenge[]

Lookie here, our boss - Fiercehog - wants to see what kinda fella you are. So work on these missions right here.

Requires: lvl 3

  • Finish a few simple missions on Bladespine territory: 0 of 3
    • A regular patrol
      • Patrol the specified coordinates. Coordinates visited: 0 / 3
    • Lost cargo
      • Collect crates dropped from the truck: 0 / 3
    • Argie-bargie with Scavengers
      • Defeat the rampaging Scavengers: 0 / 3

Bladespines routine[]

Hey rookie, you're alright. I see potential. You can take on some harder missions. So here you go.

Requires: lvl 3

  • Time to show your skill! Collect the "presents" without Munch: 0 / 4
  • Destroy the Vultures attacking your land: 0 / 4
  • Find the vehicle collecting "presents" nearby.
  • The collector is dead. Catch and punish his killer!

Baptism by Fire[]

Fiercehog is all jumpy after the "present" collector incident. He's tightening control over the border. He's going all psycho for nothing. Don't get too close to the border. Just in case.

Requires: lvl 3

  • Inspect the border with Munch.
  • Destroy the Vultures expecting Fiercehog in the ambush: 0 / 5
  • Defeat the Vultures boss.

Phantom menace[]

Can you finally see we can't trust no one? They're gonna "harvest" your face before you know it. We gotta sort this whole business with the Vultures quickly. And the rest of the.. of the traitors too.

Requires: lvl 3

  • Find the neutral Vultures in the north.
  • Change of plans. Go to the spot indicated by Munch.
  • Defend the water tower and repel the Bladespines attack.
  • Protect the water tower! Kill Fiercehog!

Hunting the hunter[]

This may be a hard time, but we need to continue the investigation. We can't give up unless we want even more people to lose their memory!

Requires: lvl 4, PS 1300

  • Reach the scrapyard, where people saw a "treated one".
  • Draw Vicky's attention. Destroy the scrapyard vehicles: 0/5
  • Kill Frankie.

Free the slaves![]

You're late. We already sold the "treated one". But the guy who bought him is my pal. Say hello to him from me along with a certain package, and he'll be glad to help you!

Requires: lvl 4, PS 1300

  • Take the package from Vicky to the trader, but be careful.
  • Of course, Vicky led you into an ambush. Destroy the attackers: 0/3
  • Destroy the oil rigs to lure the slaver out of hiding: 0/3
  • Meet the "treated one" in the specified spot.
  • Escort the "treated one" to Smallforge.

Wretched hole[]

Well, how are you? Remember anything after meeting with Drake? It's fine if you don't. I know where else we could look.

Requires: lvl 4, PS 1300

  • Scout the Nomad city.
  • Place the turrets for protection against the Ravager.
  • Defeat the Ravager!
  • Wait for the dialogue to end.
  • Pick up the Ravager's wreckage.
  • Reach the specified coordinates.

Brain wanted[]

If you want me to help, I need to know everything. Down to the tiniest details! And then I'll calculate our chances of tracking... What did you call them? The Ravagers.

Requires: lvl 5, PS 1500

  • Reach the Lunatics' territory
  • Destroy the cars of Lunatics and pick up actuators: 0/6
  • Return to Lloyd, he has a new task for you.
  • Reach the spot where Lloyd is testing an invisibility field.
  • Calibrate the gadget while in your invisibility field: 0/10
  • Almost done. Return to Lloyd.

Big heist[]

Lloyd gave us a hint about a potential lure for the Ravagers. Let's roll out!

Requires: lvl 5, PS 1500

  • Reach the spot for the Scavenger trap.
  • Take the truck from the Scavengers. Guards left: 0/3
  • Escort the truck with electronics to the Nomads.


We put a tracker on the truck. Time to drive it to a visible spot and set up an ambush. We'll get those Ravagers! Keep it up!

Requires: lvl 5, PS 1500

  • Take the truck with electronics to the Ravager ambush spot.
  • Stay in the ambush until the Ravager arrives.
  • Follow the Ravager by staying at the edge of the circle on your mini-map.
  • Defeat the Ravagers hideout's guards: 0/3

The Experiment[]

Lloyd promised to help with access to the Ravager hideout. But he doesn't do anything free of charge. First we have to help him with some experiment.

Requires: lvl 6, PS 1700

  • Escort the "treated one" to Lloyd and he's going to try restore his memory.
  • Protect Drake and the hardware during the experiments. Ravagers destroyed: 0 / 2

Free energy[]

Ho-ho, the experiment is a success! We restored a treated nomad's memory. Well, um, at least some of it. You see what this means? Memories for everyone else! But there's a couple of hurdles.

Requires: lvl 6, PS 1700

  • Go to the Scavengers to get a powerful generator.
  • Return the relay to the Scavengers. Drive to the scrapyard owned by Vicky's gang.
  • Destroy Vicky's bandits until they give you the relay.
  • Return to the Scavengers with the relay.


We need a plan on how to lure the Ravagers out of their lair. Not to worry, assistant. Thinking is not your job.

Requires: lvl 6, PS 1700

  • Drive towards the radio tower.
  • Destroy Lunatics and siphon the fuel from their cars: 0/4
  • Scout the area near the radio tower.
  • Capture the radio tower. Guards defeated: 0/3
  • Protect the radio tower while Lloyd is transmitting the signal. Time left: 01:30
  • Defeat the remaining enemies.

Urgent delivery[]

We dealt with one problem. Time to take on the other one. Gonna have to spin some wheels. Get ready, assistant.

Requires: lvl 7, PS 1900

  • Reach the meeting spot.
  • Escort Lloyd's hardware to the Ravager hideout.

When the fire nation attacked[]

It's not that easy to find a generator these days. And I always thought that alternative sources of energy are our bright future. He-he. Alright, let's go to the Shaman.

Requires: lvl 7, PS 1900

  • Find out what happened to the Nomads.
  • Reach the Vulture totem.
  • Defeat the totem's guards: 0/5
  • Destroy the totem to draw the Vultures' attention.
  • Defeat the attackers: 0/2
  • Defeat the attackers: 0/3
  • Defeat the boss.

Life of a gladiator[]

Win a fight to get the prize - sounds like business as usual for you. And where did you get such skills?..

Requires: lvl 8, PS 2100

  • Defeat the Colosseum's fighters: 0/3
  • Defeat the gladiator Jojon the Elegant and his team.
  • Defeat the Colosseum's fighters: 0/3
  • Defeat the gladiator the Bright King and his gang.
  • Defeat the Colosseum's fighters: 0/3
  • Win the final battle.
  • Escort the Shaman to the Ravager lair.

Moment of truth[]

The moment of truth. Time to start the device, sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

Requires: lvl 9, PS 2300

  • Place the turrets for protection against the Ravegers [sic].
  • Protect Lloyd's device. Destroy the attacking enemies.
  • Protect Lloyd's device. Defeat the Ravager leader


This will be a random mission from the above list that will be offered once all of the above missions are completed, and this one itself can be completed once a day.

A harder version of a previously completed task.

Sometimes it's nice to dwell on the past, relive the events of the days long gone. Do you agree?

Requires: lvl 10, PS 2400

  • Objectives will be those of the specific mission above that is offered as a daily replay mission.