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Bridge Map.png

Bridge is a Crossout map.


A bridge above a dried-up riverbed. Small, confined, and fast, combat is fast and bloody. It's roughly in the shape of an eight, divided into two levels: The riverbed, with plenty of close combat, and the bridge/hilltops opposite each other, where long-distance gunnery dominates.


  • Going up top is particularly dangerous early on in the match, as you are extremely exposed to incoming fire. Stick to the riverbed if you are not sure of your vehicle.
  • The riverbed has plenty of cover and allows for effective flanking. Pop out, shoot, pop back in. Note that the water puddles are extremely hazardous: Not because they damage your vehicle, but because they cause you to slow down to what's practically a halt, making you a sitting duck for incoming fire. However, if you are using a vehicle with treads, you will not lose much speed in water, enabling you to evade wheeled vehicles that would normally drive circles around you.