Crossout Wiki

Containers in Crossout, well, contain items! There are various types of containers in the game, which when opened can give various types of items or resources such as scrap, fuel, paints, decor, structures, hardware, and more. The basic types of containers are:

  • Container 'DIY'
  • Loot Container
  • Relics Container
  • Artisan's Pack
  • Paint Container

To craft each container from the Engineers you need:

Name Loot Possibilities Materials
Container 'DIY' Rare = Low 300 Scrap Metal
Loot Container Epic = Low chance, Rare = High chance 300 Coupons
Relic Container Relic parts = Low chance, Rare part = High chance 2000 Coupons
Artisan's Pack Holds a random customization kit 900 Scrap Metal + 150 Wires + 150 Coppers
Paint Container Holds a random paint 450 Scrap Metal + 50 Wires + 50 Coppers