Crossout Wiki

Dyes are a variety of spray cans that can be used to personalize your vehicle. Every spray has an unlimited number of uses and can color pretty much any part.

All players get Isotope-239, Tornado, and Bromine automatically for free during the process of raising their reputation with the Engineers faction up to level 10. Players who continue increasing reputation with the Engineers faction above level 10 will also gain Sandstorm at 15 and Oasis at 21.

Here is a list of some of the dyes:

Plain colors

AmuletAmulet.png AshesAshes.png BromineBromine.png BumblebeeBumblebee.png
CherryCherry.png Clear SkyClearsky.png CoralCoral.png Dark RedDarkred.png
ElectronElectron.png EmbersEmbers.png EmeraldEmerald.png HazeHaze.png
Heavy CloudsHeavyclouds.png IguanaIguana.png Isotope-239Isotope239.png Kaki 1Kaki1.png
Kaki 2Kaki2.png Kaki 3Kaki3.png Last DuskLastdusk.png Magnetic FieldMagneticfield.png
MidnightMidnight.png OceanOcean.png Polar LightsPolarlights.png Red GiantRedgiant.png
SandstormSandstorm.png TornadoTornado.png TwilightTwilight.png Twilight MetallicTwilightmetallic.png
VictoryVictory.png WastelandWasteland.png WhiteWhite.png


CalendarCalendar.png CheckersCheckered.png Crash TesterCrashtester.png DangerDanger.png
Digital DesertDigital desert.png DuneDune.png FlamesFlames.png ForestForest.png
Graffiti DawnGraffitidawn.png Graffiti DuskGraffiti dusk.png LarchLarch.png LightningLightning.png
Lone Ranger StarsStars.png Lone Ranger StripesStriped.png PinePine.png Scorched EarthScorchedheart.png
SeaSea.png TribalTribal.png UrbanUrban.png Will'o'WispWillowisp.png


SavageAluminium.png CarbonCarbon.png ChromeChrome.png GoldGold.png
QuartzQuartz.png Mirage MetallicMirage metallic.png RustRust.png SnakeSnake.png