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Engineer badge
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Used for crafting

Engineer badge is a resources-type item in Crossout.


Engineers give these badges to survivors, who complete their challenges. The badges can be exchanged for resources and valuable rewards.



  • Engineer badges cannot be traded on the Market, however they are used for exchanging into a variety of products, many of which are tradable. Exchangeable products include most common resources (crafting costs change randomly every week), 2 crates, and up to 4 pieces of one or two structural parts that are randomly offered every week.
Product Batch size Limit Badge Cost Level
Scrap Metal varies infinite varies
Copper varies infinite varies
Wires varies infinite varies 10
Plastic varies infinite varies 10
Electronics varies infinite varies 14
Batteries varies infinite varies 14
Wanderer's Container 1 infinite 600 10
Pathfinder's Container 1 infinite 3000 14
Structural parts: either 1 symmetric
or 2 complementing sided
1 4
4 + 4
  • Exchangeable structural parts all cost 300 badges per piece, are not tradable, do not take up storage space, and at most 4 of each type can be owned by every player. Either one symmetric or two complementing sided random types will be offered for crafting every week.
Structural part Power Score Durability Mass
Crane hull left and
Crane hull right
20 30 81
Crane plug left and
Crane plug right
9 14 36
Crane side left and
Crane side right
79 120 323
Digger hull 46 70 189
Digger side 31 62 157
Large platform 35 54 144
Sloped platform 15 24 63
Small digger side 24 37 99
Small platform 18 27 72


  • A crafting calculator to help decide which resources are most profitable to sell can be found here.


  • The badge is made from a Forint Hungarian coin.