Crossout Wiki

Faction screen, Engineers selected.

There are five factions dominating the post-Crossout world. The player begins as an Engineer and after reaching reputation level 10, they can join one of the other three factions. Upon reaching level 25, the fourth faction becomes avaible. Switching between the four presitge factions can be done fairly regularly later on.

Membership in a faction grants access to different vehicle parts crafting options and different rewards depending on faction level. Each factions is also suited for a different playstyle, from Lunatic's glass cannons to Scavenger's heavely armored tanks.


  • Engineers: Entry level items, and the relic weapons.
  • Lunatics: Speed and high alpha damage weapons.
  • Nomads: Balanced arsenal and good mobility.
  • Scavengers: Strong armor and powerful cannons.
  • Steppenwolfs: High-end weapons with great statistics.