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Frame parts are the most basic building blocks of your vehicle. At minimum, any vehicle must contain a single frame and a cabin. Hot rod


Frames are the only parts that can carry wheels and other movement parts, as well as cabins. Frames let through 90% of the damage damage, have 50% resistance to melee damage and are resistant to collision damage. They do not increase cabin durability.


A cabin is the heart of your vehicle. If destroyed, your entire vehicle is gone, no matter how many other pieces remain.

  • Power score (PS) — shows the abstract effectiveness of the assembled vehicle. The vehicle's PS value is equal to the sum of the PS of all parts installed on it.
  • “I” — list of used parts and their market value.
  • Durability — represents the maximum “health” of the vehicle. In battle, the vehicle's structure is displayed as a “health bar” at the bottom of the screen. Upon receiving damage, the structure decreases. When the value drops to zero, the player’s vehicle is destroyed.
  • The number of parts — one of the factors limiting the player’s capabilities when designing a combat vehicle is the limit on the number of parts.
  • Energy is the main resource of the vehicle, limiting its combat power. The available amount of energy is determined by the characteristics of the cabin and the additional equipment — generators . Almost all types of weapons and most equipment parts use this resource.
  • Machine weight is the total weight of all installed parts.
  • Maximum cabin speed — the maximum speed that an armoured car can reach. Depends on the cabin, engine and chassis.
  • Tonnage — the ratio of the current mass of the armoured car, tonnage (red dot) and maximum weight.
  • Acceleration — Displays the acceleration of the car. Depends on engine power and weight.

Below is the list of existing cabins, categories by their rarity.







Name Power score Power Max. speed Tonnage Mass limit Energy Durability Mass Faction
Icon griffon.png
2400 5.5/10 100 km/h 4800 9000 12 314 700 -
Icon nova.png
2100 7.2/10 80 km/h 5500 15400 12 419 2300 -
Icon cohort.png
2100 10/10 60 km/h 9200 24000 11 609 5200 -


Currently there are no cabins of Relic rarity.