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Hammerfall is a vehicle part in Crossout.


Deadly at close range. Hits have a low chance to temporary disable rotation of the enemy's weapons.


Can be built from the Lunatics workbench

Required resources
Icon scrap.png
100 scrap

750 Wires

1000 Electronics

Icon copper.png
450 copper
Required parts
Icon Thunderbolt.png
2 Thunderbolt

Icon V8.png
2 V8 engine

Icon PowRadLoc.png
1 Powerful radar
21 Hours

Fusion Perks[]

The Hammerfall has 9 different perks that can be obtained at the fusion workshop. Don't forget you can only have one perk per item at the same time, it might take more than 1 fusion to get the perk that you want.

-Part structure increased by 10%

-Maximum range increased by 10%

-Optimal range increased by 10%

-Damages increased by 5%

-Recoil reduced by 15%

-Speeds up aim time by 15%

-Spread reduced by 10%

-Time to overheat increased by 10%

-Cooling time reduced by 10%