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Leviathans are huge, player-built machines, that appear in the Invasion raid. Leviathans sport significantly more firepower and health than standard vehicles.

Creating a Leviathan[]

In order to build a Leviathan, the player must first reach level 17 with Engineers. Upon reaching level 17, a window at the bottom of the screen in the garage will unlock, allowing the player to build a Leviathan.

Upon using the Action button on the window, the player will see the "Battle" button be changed to "Deploy." However, this button will initially be grayed out, as the Leviathan has no cabin yet. Head over to "Build" to begin creating a Leviathan.

Unlike normal cars, Leviathans have the following features:

  • Parts limit significantly higher (150 + current parts limit)
  • Critical mass starts at 50,200 kg (Tonnage seems to be also 50,200 kg)
  • 60 energy to start with (can be increased with a cabin and generator)

From here, simply build to your heart's content, until you have a finished Leviathan.

Deploying & Rewards[]

You don't actually use a Leviathan in battle - instead, you deploy it. While deployed, a Leviathan may appear in an Invasion to fight players.

Your Leviathan will stay deployed for 24 hours, or until you manually return it. While deployed, there will be a Win/Loss indicator underneath "Return," showing how many Invasions your Leviathan has won and lost during its deployment. Each win will award 45 Copper; there are no penalties for losses.

Fighting a Leviathan[]

Leviathans are extremely strong and resilient. The most effective tactics are tank builds with Equalizers and/or Wasps/Crickets. An equalizer build is optimized with a gas generator, charged radiator, improved cooler, three equalizers, and a Wasp, plus an ammo box or two, and will do constant DPS on the Leviathan, along with occasional wasp rockets. An all-wasp or all-cricket build uses ammo boxes with a gas generator and 3x wasps or crickets (the former only requires 12 energy, as opposed to 15), and will deal extremely high burst damage. This is amplified with crickets, as the cricket's perk causes each rocket deal an additional +100% damage every 100 meters it travels, allowing for extreme amounts of damage.

It is also highly recommended to craft repair kits, as Leviathans can deal huge amounts of damage, and there are 3 in every Invasion, one after the other. Repair kits will allow you to have extra revives, and can mean the difference between a failure and completion.

Notable Leviathans[]

The Steel Tyrant is a developer-made Leviathan, sporting Mammoth cannons, armored tracks, and numerous AC43 Rapier autocannons. This Leviathan became notorious for being exceptionally difficult to defeat, and for a while, would be the only Leviathan faced in Invasions (3 times over). This was soon changed to allow player Leviathans to appear as well as allow them to collect resources from deployment.