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Raids form a part of the PvE content of the game and involve a 4-player team going against the AI in various modes and maps.

Raid Types[]

Raids can either be played for a fuel cost as public matches from World map for rewards, or as Custom battles - in which case they require no fuel cost, but will also give no rewards.

World map always offers 2 raids from each of Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty levels at any given time (i.e. for a total of 6) and these offerings change every hour, with Invasion raid always being available (as the 7th raid).

Public raid costs and rewards are as follows:

Difficulty Fuel cost Minimum Power Score Rewarded Coupons Max Coupons
Easy 20 0 3 6 daily
Medium 40 4000 10 20 daily
Hard 60 5000 20 40 daily
Invasion 40 5000 10 150 weekly


  • p: Public - can sometimes be offered on World map
  • c: Custom battle
Name Description Easy Medium Hard Invasion
Chase The enemy trucks are trying to escape. Catch up and destroy them! If at least one truck leaves the zone of operation, you lose. c c c
Data theft Raiders have captured and disabled the radio towers. But even they understand how valuable this resource is so they're in no hurry to blow them up. We need to take the towers back. Even a temporary disturbance in their functions leaves the whole region crippled when it comes to long-range comms. p/c p/c p/c
Frontier defence Survivor! Raiders have captured a mining rig, and reinforcements are on the way. We have to re-take the object and hold it. Careful, they have already installed auto-turrets. But they can easily be repaired after destruction and used for protection! c p/c p/c
Gone in two minutes A huge truck is waiting to be loaded with all kinds of goods. The objective is clear as day - bnreal through to the car, load it with cargo on the way and deliver it to the destination. But, as always, the customer forgot about a couple of details. The truck is well guarded. p/c p/c p/c
Hit and run! The truck driver is trying to get out of the dangerous area and he;s asking for help. But he kept silent about the fact that his car was borrowed from a group of survivors. Now you have to not only get away from the chase, but to slip out of the triple ring of roadblocks and minefields. p/c p/c c
Perimeter breach The cargo is pretty well secured behind iron gates and protected by some tough goons. But the bugger they are, the harder they fall. p/c p/c p/c
Steel cradle Someone has begun mass-producing menacing Leviathans. Their mass production threatens to disrupt the fragile peace established by the Wasteland's inhabitants. Hurry to disrupt the enemy's plans before they finish building the Leviathan! p/c p/c p/c
The last convoy The truck is loaded to the brim with explosives. Protect the truck until it reaches its destination and then a bit more - until the big bang! If something stands in the truck's way, destroy it! p/c p/c p/c
The war for fire The gang started up an oil tower left over from the old world. We have to take measures so that they don't get entrenched in the region. A direct attack will cause redistribution of spheres of influence, which nobody wants. So we'll have to secretly capture the tower and steal the fuel. p/c p/c p/c
Invasion Fight the menacing mechanical monsters built by other survivors! If you want to win, make sure to defeat the leviathans during the time limit and stop them from destroying the pumpjacks. Let's go, the spectators are waiting! p

Raid Maps[]


  • p: Public - can sometimes be offered on World map
  • c: Custom battle
Raid Bridge Chemical plant Crater Cursed mines Dead Highway Eastern Array Factory Fortress Founders Canyon Old Town Powerplant Rock City Ship graveyard Wrath of Khan
Chase c c c
Data theft p p p/c p/c p/c p/c p/c p/c
Frontier defence p/c p p p/c p/c p/c
Gone in two minutes p/c p/c p/c
Hit and run! p/c p/c p/c
Steel cradle p p p/c p/c p/c
The last convoy p/c p/c p/c
The war for fire p/c p p/c p/c p/c p/c p/c p/c

Perimeter breach has 2 maps exclusive to this raid type:

  • Lost coast (p/c)
  • Terminal-45 (p/c)

Invasion has 1 map exclusive to this raid type:

  • El Diablo Gorge (p)


In Invasion mode raid, the goal is to kill 3 player-created Leviathans within a time limit, and in the process to also make sure the pumpjack in the centre of the map is not destroyed. These Leviathans appear consecutively in order of ascending Power Score and each has to be destroyed within the time limit otherwise the raid is considered a failure. Reward will be based on how many Leviathans out of 3 have been defeated.


In general, while there is a Power Score gate to prevent a player from being useless, it's generally recommended to have at least 1000 more PS than the minimum required to join the raid - while the game gives you a free respawn per match, in the majority of modes it spawns you at the very start of the map, meaning that even if you can get back to your teammates before the clock runs out, you would have to fight off or dodge raiders on the way. Just like in Missions, the game adjusts difficulty according to Power Score by increasing Raider Health, so if players bloat their Power Score - that may make the raid unmanageably difficult. Finally, one last general tip of note - unlike in PvP, raids allow weapons that run out of ammo to recover ammo by picking up ammo crates that sometimes fall from killed enemies.

Each of the different modes has a different pace that they set, and are most efficiently finished by either medium or heavy style of vehicles. Defense, Invasion and Siege benefit most from heavy builds, as they involve objects that require you to move to a particular place while taking damage. Convoy, Heist and Cargo Race have infinitely spawning AI until the objective is reached - Heist and Cargo Race can easily be failed if you simply don't have enough speed, whereas the Convoy's truck moves quicker the more players surround it except it accelerates and decelerates with a delay.