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Reputation is an experience point system in Crossout. Reputation is earned through missions and brawls, and raids. Earning reputation is critical to progress, and unlocks new factions, workbenches, allows use of higher-grade weapons, grants additional pieces for use in constructing a vehicle, and increases the limit of total parts your vehicle can have.

Earning Reputation[]

At the end of a match, your overall score will determine reputation gained. The reputation is equal to the points scored, and adds any bonus reputation provided by decorative items, capped at 1200 before decor bonus.

Daily Bonus[]

At 0:00 GMT, which is 8:00PM for United States east coast, a reputation bonus will be given, awarding 400% (5x) reputation, for a limit of 60,000 reputation. This is referred to as "Rested Bonus." Hovering over the "Battle" button can view how much reputation has been earned out of the 60,000 cap, and the time remaining until the bonus is reset.

Decor Item Rarity Reputation Bonus (%)
Fluorescent Lamp Common 1
Single Headlight Common 1
Double Headlights Common 1
Headlight Set Common 1
Hell Lamp Common 1
Brace Common 1
Bag Common 1
Cantle Bag Common 1
Travel Bag Common 1
Hell Pipes Common 1
Square Cover Common 1
Manhole Cover Common 1
Single Brakelight Common 1
Triple Brakelight Rare 2
Taillight Rare 2
Spare tire Rare 2
Fairing Rare 2
Exhaust 2 Rare 2
Fender Extension Rare 2
Spiked Fender Rare 2
Spoiler Rare 2
Maintenance Sign Rare 2
"Stop!" Sign Rare 2
"Run, you fools!" Sign Rare 2
"You're Trash!" Sign Rare 2
"Everything is permitted" Sign Rare 2
"No Entry" Sign Rare 2
Duck Epic 3
Horns Epic 3
Eagle Epic 3
"Express" Horn Epic 3
"Full House 2" Horn Epic 3
"Joker" Horn Epic 3
"Pull Over" Horn Epic 3
"Cucaracha" Horn Legendary 4
"Olifant" Horn Legendary 4
"Titanic" Horn Legendary 4
"Potemkin" Horn Legendary 4
Buzzer Legendary 4
Light Bar Legendary 4
Speaker Legendary 4