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![[Uranium ore]]
![[Uranium ore]]
!An exceptionally rare resource that can only be obtained in successful battles in clan wars.
|An exceptionally rare resource that can only be obtained in successful battles in clan wars.
!<center>Common</center> <div style="height:15px;width:100%;background: white; margin-left 3px;"></div>
!<center>Common</center> <div style="height:15px;width:100%;background: white; margin-left 3px;"></div>

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Resources are a vital part of crafting and general gameplay. As such, they can be divided into two categories: Crafting-related and gameplay-related.

Crafting resources[]

Crafting resources are used in Workbench recipes in addition to obtaining specific Co-driver abilities (except with badges). Scrap, Wire and Electronics are primarily obtained from missions, while Copper is primarily obtained from Raids. Engineer badges are obtained by completing weekly missions. Scrap, Wire and Electronics have individual weekly limits of 2800, 2450 and 1225.

Quality refers to the crafting level that requires each resource. Note that higher crafting levels require all resource types of the preceding tier.
Name Image Description Quality
Scrap metal
You won't go far without good old iron. Used for armor, weapons, and defenses.
Engineer badge
Engineer badge.png
Engineers give these badges to survivors, who complete their challenges. The badges can be exchanged for resources and valuable rewards.
Soft metal used to manufacture wires and electronics. Also used in alloys.
Anything more delicate than a hammer needs wire to function properly.
Plastics Plastic litter turned out to be in high demand in the new world. The fragile yet pliable material is widely used by survivors in different ways.
Electronics can't be produced in the new world, so they are as expensive as ever. Some moneybags even decorate their furs with chips.
Batteries It's becomign increasingly hard to find a reliable way to store energy, which explains the high demand for batteries.
Engraved Casings If you look closely, some machine gun shell casings have barely noticable engravings. This does not affect a bullet's characteristics, but there is a certain someone who is willing to exchange unusual parts for unusual casings.
Uranium ore An exceptionally rare resource that can only be obtained in successful battles in clan wars.

Gameplay resources[]

Name Image Description Purpose
High octane, low octane... If it flows and burns, it can be used as fuel! Used for raids. Refills every day.
An unique resource that can be only obtained in raids. Unlocks faction bonuses and services. Also used in the workbench
Repair kit
Repair kit.png
Used to repair your vehicle when it's destroyed on patrol. Used to respawn your vehicle in battles.