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The sprinter cabin is a vehicle part in Crossout. It can be obtained through crafting it on the engineers workbench, or activating the beach buggy pack. Activating the pack will grant the user an untradable version.



"This cabin used to be a part from a small vehicle with commendable off-road performance. It survived the apocalypse, so it's probably good to drive the Wasteland's trails.

Not the most durable, but a fast and light cabin among its peers of common rarity."


The sprinter is a common rarity light cabin with 8 energy, 2800 kg tonnage, 6000 kg mass limit and 90 km/h max speed. It has 220 points of durability, and weighs 350 kg.


The sprinter was added in update 0.10.70. Wasteland Cup. Its stats used to be 185 durability and 250 kgs mass, which has since been changed.


Art builds[]

Because of its small size (4*6*4), and its decent tonnage/mass limit, it often sees use in art builds.


Due to its high maximum speed, it allows for low powerscore gameplay with shotguns. Other common rarity cabins (excluding Duster) are less suited for this, as they are slower and easier to hit.


Because of its low mass, the sprinter cab is well suited for wheeled race brawls, especially since update 0.11.60. Madness Circuit reworked racing.