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AT Wasp is a vehicle part in Crossout.


Hard to use, but may be a deadly tool against all enemies. Launches 2 missiles in each volley.


Can be built from the Lunatics workbench

Required resources
Icon scrap.png
450 Scrap

Icon copper.png
150 Copper

Required parts
Avia Booster.png
3 Avia booster

Icon avenger 57mm.png
2 Avenger 57mm

Icon Radar Small.png
2 Radar small
1 Hour

Fusion Perks[]

The AT Wasp has 3 different perks that can be obtained at the fusion workshop. Don't forget you can only have one perk per item at the same time, it might take more than 1 fusion to get the perk that you want.

-Part structure increased by 10%

-Damage increased by 5%

-Weapon reload time reduced by 10%